No matter how hard one tries to recycle with municipal recycling programs, there are always those items that will always hand up in garbage: plastic packaging, styrofoam peanuts,  food packaging, pens, broken mops and brooms, glass frames, coffee capsules … list goes on.

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TerraCycle has recently introduced a new program – Zero Waste Boxes – to recycle just those, hard-to-recycle items. It is a simple and easy solutions, affordable by businesses of all sizes as well as households.

How does it work?

  • Purchase a Zero Waste box of your choice at Store
  • The cardboard recycling box will be delivered to your home or business
  • Fill the box until completely full (there is no time limit)
  • Ship with UPS using the affixed label (included in the purchase price)

How to storing your recycling material

  • You can store your recycling material in a dry, covered space. This could be a garage, storage room/corner or even an outdoor shed
  • Make sure all the materials are dry and clean, otherwise odours may become a problem
  • If you recycle in an office or retail space, provide a smaller container with a clear label. Empty these regularly into a ZWB in a storage area.
  • Consider getting a larger ZWB if you have a sufficient storage space

How to make the most of your ZWB

  • There is no time limit on how long you can keep your box. If you have enough storage space, order medium or large box
  • Make sure to compress all air out of bags, fold packaging and bags neatly, stack smaller items around larger ones. There is no weight limit.
  • Use a long handle to compress plastic and shipping packaging, hair and beard nets to get all air out from between
  • Shake box a few times to let items like eyeware, beauty products, office supplies to “settle” and fill any gaps that may have formed (be sure to not break any of them)

TerraCycle provides an option of pallets for some of the waste streams. If you are interested in finding out more information on pallets, please contact

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