Sustainable Restaurants

Passion, dedication and creativity are the three driving forces for sustainability.

In the restaurant business, this is twice as true.

It is all about Food

Many restaurants have been joining local food movement. Fresh, high quality, locally grown. Can it get any better? You bet it can – hyper local is the new trend – grow your own herbs, greens right in your kitchen.       Always guaranteed fresh!

Waste (not)

Zero waste strategy might sounds really far fetch, but with those few crucial changes it may just be possible. Eliminating bottled water, arranging with your suppliers to use reusable (and returnable) containers, eliminating disposable ware, composting and recycling the rest are only a few of the possibilities. Creativity goes a long way.

Water is the new gold

If you have any doubt about this, let your tap drip for a month and your bill will show you. Apart from monetary, the quality of water will affect the taste of your meals. Many restaurants install filters to enhance the culinary experience with a glass of clean, sweet tasting water.

Energy moves you

Just one look through your energy bills will let you know this is an important area. Heating and cooling can substantially add to your already high energy costs. Rising energy costs can evaporate your profit right in front of your eyes. It pays to invest in employee training for energy conservation and Energy Star equipment.

Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Foodservice (LEAF)

Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Foodservice (LEAF) is the only Canadian certification for restaurants, cafés, cafeterias and catering companies that have taken those extra steps to account for the impact of their business on environment and community. LEAF certification is a credible, third party audited, way of showing your commitment to environment and community.

Point-based system

The points can be gained in 10 different categories: Food purchasing, Supplies and suppliers, Energy use and performance, Water usage, Building and location, Furniture and decor, Chemicals used on premises, Waste and recycling, Employees, Policy and Innovation

3 levels of certification

Level 1 – we are beginning
Level 2 – we have made changes
Level 3 – we are on the roll

Sustainability is the best insurance you will ever have.

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