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Whether your business has done sustainability initiatives and is looking to start planning for future ones, or you are just starting out, we can help.

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Sustainability Consulting

Learn how your organization can define and incorporate sustainability goals within their current operations.


Achieve the sustainability certification of your choice with our guidance and support.

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Support your organization’s growth with project planning, management and execution.

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Sustainability Planning

You may have initiated some sustainability projects and now you are ready to make a commitment to a long-term endeavor. Or perhaps, you have completed a sustainability assessment and now you wish to achieve a greater level of integration within your organization.

You are ready to embark on a Sustainability Planning session.




What you can expect:

  • Choose your sustainability framework
  • Create a business case
  • Conduct an impact assessment
  • Define your criteria for success
  • Set your goals and metrics
  • Create a long-term plan
  • Define your reporting structure
  • Set your execution framework and method
  • Create a communication and training plan

Organizational Integration

NewSpring Energy will look at how well sustainability is integrated into your company’s mission and vision statements, governance, business model, operation and internal decision-making processes.  A plan of action is created, based on this assessment, together with a change management plan.

Our Process:

  • Assess the integration level
  • Identify opportunities
  • Create Action Plan
  • Identify Change Management Process
  • Create Change Management Plan
  • Decide on the planning and execution of the above




What You Will Gain:

  • A common definition of sustainability
  • Aligned sustainability goals with your mission,vision, and corporate goals
  • A long-term sustainability strategy with a concrete Sustainability Plan
  • Assigned responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Set procedures and policies that incorporate sustainability
  • Ongoing measurement of sustainability metrics
  • Transparency in reporting
  • Inclusion of stakeholders as well as shareholders


Resource Tracking

This is the main pillar for achieving your sustainability goals. Data is knowledge and knowledge empowers your business to make decisions in an informed way. There is nothing more wasteful and dangerous than reacting and blindly responding, hoping “it will all workout”.

Before you can harness this power, you need to understand what information is accessible in your current operation, what data to gather and how to collect it, and how to utilize it.





We will work with you to:

  • Identify what data is relevant for your company
  • Determine what data is needed to support your KPI
  • Assess your current approach to data collection and data accessibility
  • Define new data collection processes
  • Create a data collection framework
  • Establish baseline(s)

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Client Testimonials

After completing an energy audit with Eva, we were inspired and encouraged to undertake LEAF certification. We were excited to find out that our current practices have distinguished us as a sustainable restaurant, well beyond the energy conservation requirements. The energy audit has opened a new door for us. We have, with ease, qualified for the third level (highest) of the LEAF certification. This certification has validated our current direction to reduce our carbon footprint. We are encouraged and enthusiastic in following this path.

Joel van Veghel

Owner & Head Chef, Frankie's Ristorante

Just wanted to thank you again for your diligence in this process and for taking the time with me to go through recommendations to improve CRAFT from the corporate level.

Alym Hirji

Corporate Executive Chef, Craft Beer Market

<Sustainability Assessment> was a great learning experience and I appreciate your expertise and patience in leading us through it.

Sheila Schweizer

HR Manager, Town of Whitchurch-Stouffville

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