Risk Mitigation

The devastating effects of climate change pose serious risk to many businesses. Do you feel your business is immune – think again.

Identify weak areas of your business model, operation and procurement.

Dynamic Systems Analysis

is a process that uses whole system approach in a collaborative setting to identify the most relevant indicators that would have most impact. The indicators are chosen on the most recent trends in the specific industry and eliminates guess work which exposes business to a greater risk.

Business Model and Plan

Sustainability plans can become those lone stars in the sky unless integrated into a business model. This can create ‘just another thing’ on the long list. Companies can get drained and discouraged without integrating environmentally and socially conscious business practices in the business plan. Avoid those pitfalls and integrate sustainability within your business model.

Industry and Market Trends

understanding is necessary to prepare for coming changes and shifts in the market. Create market analysis and identifying relevant trends for foodservice, hospitality and other, related industries. Be prepared for the hidden opportunities.



Whether you are a small business or a large organization, purchasing of products is a necessity. Know where products are coming from, how raw materials are sourced and processed will tell you what is your purchase supporting. Is it ethical? Is it environmentally responsible? Understand your supply chain and avoid unnecessary risk and negative exposure.

Protect yourself from effects of Climate Change


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