Resilience of a business has one key component – knowledge.
It is surprising how many businesses do not know where their resources are used, how effective they are and what can be done better.

These are a necessary part of every business. With rising costs of energy, tracking of energy bills helps to trend energy use. This is quite important to maintain the financial health of your business.

We are all familiar with accounting principles applied to money and cash flow, but not many of us have paid such detailed attention to the utility bills, water and waste.

Gain necessary knowledge to become resilient and proactive.


Track and monitor energy usage, correlate operation and equipment changes with energy consumption is the first step in running an energy efficient operation. Identify areas of potential savings, implement energy conservation measures and develop business processes and policies that assure long-term success.

GHG accounting

Quantify and minimize your impact through Greenhouse Gas reduction. More and more large businesses are interested in knowing environmental impact throughout their supply chain. Are you ready to comply?


is the new gold. Clean, fresh water is a finite resource.

Track your consumption, identify your waste and make improvements. Don’t wait till it is too late and you put yourself at risk by wasting this precious resource.


is your hidden resource. Know what is no longer usable by your business, up-cycle what can be reused by others, recycle what cannot be reused and minimize landfill-print.

Knowing what resources are used and how, are the building blocks of a resilient business.


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