RC Show 2018 in pictures

Thank you to all who have come to visit NewSpring Energy at the booth.

Special thank you to Gary Rodrigues, our talented photographer for capturing those moments for us.

We have the winners of Zero Waste Boxes Draw!

Plastic Packaging ZWB goes to Freddy’s Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant in  Leamington Ontario
Hairnets/Beardnets ZWB goes to Ste. Anne’s Bakery in Grafton Ontario
The winner of Plastic Gloves ZWB is WOW Factor Desserts in Etobicoke, Ontario

Congratulations to the winners!

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Panel Discussion on Sustainability and LEAF Certification

Huge thank you to all panelists for sharing their insights and Bruce McAdams for moderating the session

Highlights of events at Eco Pavilion

Don’s miss this opportunity to shop for eco friendly products, see new eco innovations and green technology,  learn about energy efficiency and conservation. There will be many opportunities to speak with innovators, chef, industry leaders, foodservice operators and energy conservation experts. Your one-stop for discovery, learning and for creating new connections for your journey into a sustainable future. Investing in the environment and your community is the best insurance you will ever have.

LEAF Awards Winners

Most Improved Award
Community Cafe, Calgary, AB

Since Community Fave got certified in 2012, they have aimed to become a zero-waste facility, purchased ENERGY STAR appliances, and become an official OceanWise partner, establishing themselves among the more sustainably run businesses in Calgary.

Greenest Restaurant over 10,000 square feet Award
Diversity Food Services, Winnipeg, MB

Large scale, multi-facility operation with all their locations being LEAF certified.
Their achievements include sustainable (Ocean Wise) seafood, a high percentage of local food, wide variety of meat-free dishes, recycled and compostable supplies, LEED certified buildings composting, and more, making Diversity Food Services deserving of this award.

Greenest Restaurant Award
Chic Alors!, Quebec, QC

In order to be eligible for the Greenest Restaurant award, restaurants had to be Level 3 (our highest) LEAF certified restaurant. While all Level 3 LEAF restaurants are high-performing and deserving of recognition, Chic Alors! stood out as a true leader for 2018, being engaged in all 10 of LEAF’s Areas of Sustainability. Chic Alors! has geothermal heating, electric vehicles for delivery, their own beehives, LED lighting and more.

Eco-Innovator Award
Creelman Marketplace, U of Guelph, ON

The Eco-Innovator award was open to any restaurant or foodservice facility in Canada that has demonstrated innovative solutions to sustainable challenges. For large scale facilities, procuring local and seasonal produce year round can be a challenge in Canada. Creelman Market overcame this by implementing a large scale food preservation operation, which allows use of local produce in their facilities year round. While the concept of food preservation and canning may not be new, the scale to which this facility has undertaken it to ensure they are using as much local food as possible every month of the year, has taken it to a new level and solved a local food challenge for Canadian food service facilities.

Foodservice Energy Challenge

Registration continues

The pilot project has launched at RC Show. It is designed to show how benefits of energy efficient kitchen equipment, and the effect on your bottom line. Registration for the challenge continues.

On-line registration will be launched online in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned.

If you have any questions, contact us.

Pledge to Win

Registration at RC Show – now closed

Pledge to make change(s) in your business in 2018 in one of the areas: waste, energy consumption, water usage and procurement. All participants will be entered in a draw for suprise  prizes.

Thank you to all that have entered. The winners will be announced in the coming days.

Stay tune!

NewSpring Energy @ RC Show 2018

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