Foodservice Energy Challenge





Restaurants are among the most energy-intensive commercial spaces making utilities one of the highest costs facing restaurateurs. With low-profit margins, any monetary savings from energy efficiency improvements significantly benefit the bottom line.

Foodservice Energy Challenge opens opportunities for foodservice operators to take advantage of money-saving energy tips, incentives and rebates.

Benefits to participants:

  • Learn about how small and big changes can have a positive impact on your business
  • Free audit to determine energy saving opportunities within your business
  • Support from your local electric and gas utility to assist with eligible savings programs
  • Find out more about becoming LEAF certified
  • Opportunity to receive incentives and rebates to upgrade your equipment and business

Project Management

  • Budget development and cost estimations
  • Management of cross-sectoral teams
  • Project plan development and execution
  • Liaison between FSEC teams and case study participants
  • Coordination of marketing deliverables

Sustainability Consulting

  • Key metrics development
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Resources compilation
  • Case study report development

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