Many restaurateurs have been asking whether sustainability pays for itself and is worth getting LEAF certified. Understandably, with small margins and tough competition in restaurant business those are really important questions to ask.

Kelly Black and Jayme MacFayden of BMeX Restaurant Group have shown that sustainability is worth the effort and bears its fruits. They opened their first restaurant, Una Pizza + Wine, in Calgary in 2009. Seven years later, they have 7 restaurants in Calgary and 1 in Saskatoon. So what makes their venture so successful? It is a combination of creativity, perseverance and their strong commitment to environmental and social accountability right from the very start. Their formula for success are high-quality local ingredients, a strong team where employees are empowered, transparency in management and giving back to community that supports them.

Their success has not gone without recognition. In 2015, Jayme and Kelly were named among Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 and their restaurant, Native Tongues, was named Best New Alberta Restaurant by The Globe and Mail, took third in Avenue Magazine’s Best New Restaurants list and claimed top honours in Huffington Post’s list of Calgary’s best new restaurants.

Their success can be an inspiration to many independent restaurateurs.
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