RC Show 2018 will occupy the Enercare Centre in Toronto from February 25-27, 2018. The RC Show will boast 8 pavilions this year: Bar & Beverage, Canada, Coffee, Tea & Sweets, Eco, Ontario, Specialty, Tech, and World.  We’ll be at the Eco Pavilion, where Sustainable, green and innovative solutions are the focus.

Some of the exciting events to look forward to:

  • Panel discussion on Sustainability by 5 LEAF certified restaurants. Bruce McAdams as the panel moderator
  • First ever LEAF Awards nominations
  • Eco-Innovator award to recognize innovation, dedication and creativity in sustainable foodservice
  • Demonstrations of innovative technologies
  • Pledge to put “green” ideas into practice and win prizes
  • Many more to events and opportunities still coming
Why Should You Go to RC Show 2018?

As a restaurant owner, meet suppliers and see innovations that you can develop in your own restaurant.  Whether it’s creating connections with new suppliers, or seeing new tools that can better help you manage your business, there’s something for everyone at RC Show 2018. Stay up to date on current trends in food, tech and sustainability.

The show brings together restauranteurs from other cities and provinces, and just foodies in general.  The one thing everyone has is common is a love of food. It’s something that people look forward to every year, with no limit of food and entertainment.



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