Gusto 54 is Making Their Sustainable Food Service Mark in Toronto

In the 1950s, Giacomo Zuccarini imported Canada’s first espresso machine and introduced Toronto’s first wood burning pizza oven and heated restaurant patio from Italy. 40 years later Giacomo’s daughter, Janet Zuccarini, Owner and CEO of the Gusto 54 group of restaurants, is making her sustainable food service mark in Toronto’s trendy downtown with her first LEAF [Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Food] certified restaurant in the Gusto 54 Catering and Commissary Kitchen. Janet’s professional accomplishments do not stop there, she is a judge on Canada’s hit show Top Chef Canada: All Stars, has begun to overtake Toronto’s and California’s restaurant scene. All this after obtaining her MBA in Rome, Italy.

Services That Are ‘Kind to the Environment’

Gusto 54 Catering and Commissary Kitchens Executive Chef, Elio Zannoni not only caters bold Italian inspired dishes throughout the GTA, he also promises a service that he describes as ‘kind to the environment’. From supplier sourcing to your dinner plate and all the steps in between, Gusto 54 Catering Kitchen has integrated environmentally accountable food service into their DNA.

Showcasing Sustainable, Energy Efficient and Waste Management Solutions in the Restaurant Industry

Gusto 54 Catering and Commissary Kitchen are taking a number of steps to be kind to the environment:

  • Sustainability
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Recycling
  • Food Waste Management

Gusto 54 sources sustainable certified meat and seafood as well as ecologo certified and recycled supplies whenever possible.  The Commissary Kitchen has been equipped with new, energy efficient equipment, many of which are Energy Star certified.  They have adapted a great recycling system and donate food when feasible. Gusto 54 Group not only has a positive impact on the environment it also greatly benefits Toronto’s community and respects the health of their customers.

Recognizing the Social and Economic Benefits of Green Business Practices

In the words of Kermit the Frog, “It’s not easy being green!”. Gusto 54 restaurant group recognize the social and economic benefits of adapting a green business practice and have made impressive efforts to make little changes that have a positive impact on our environment.  In addition to their recent Ocean Wise Certification, they have set goals to LEAF certify all Gusto 54 restaurants and to strive for continuous improvement though developing annual sustainability goals.  They are well on their way to becoming leaders in the environmental accountable food service industry!

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