More awareness and attention is being given to the issues riddling the food-service industry: low wages, long hours, rising costs and low revenue margins. It has been an act of juggling different priorities, weighing of costs vs. revenue, with a heavy emphasis on profit. The times have been changing and a new wave of businesses are coming in with a new approach to these difficult issues.

What is Diversity Food Services?

Diversity Food Services is one of the innovative businesses changing the way food-service approaches these difficult issues. It is a social enterprise created by two not-for-profit organizations, the University of Winnipeg Community Renewal Corporation and SEED Winnipeg. What makes Diversity Food Services stand out is their holistic approach; balancing social, environmental and economic sides of the business.

They have adopted a four pillar approach:

  • hiring of individuals who are marginalized by traditional forms of employment
  • procuring local food as much as feasible
  • using compostable or recyclable packaging materials
  • purchasing of ethically grown and sourced coffee, tea, sugar, rice and cocoa products

Their commitment to these four pillars has been affirmed by LEAF certification and the University of Winnipeg has been rated as the Top Performing Canadian Dining & Food campus as a result of Diversity Food Services providing food on the campus.

Diversity Food Services has been an inspiration and way-shower for changes possible in the food service industry. Despite their high achievements, they continue to hold high goals for the future. With anticipation, we will watch the creativity and innovation Diversity Food Services continues to bring.

Diversity Food Services on the Panel at RC Show 2018

Don’t forget to come and visit us at RC Show 2018 presented by Restaurants Canada and meet Ian Vickers from Diversity Food Services. He will be participating in the panel discussion on restaurant sustainability. Get first hand experience of what being LEAF Certified means for Diversity Food Services.

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