Small businesses, especially in foodservice, have been hit very hard.
It broke my heart to watch all the owners of restaurants, cafes, catering businesses loosing their livelihood overnight with tens of thousands of workers being laid off.
I have been feeling very powerless watching all this. Well, it turns out the best remedy this is action.
I collected a number of resources to help restaurateurs is in COVID-19 recovery to the new normal. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it is a start.

How have restaurants/cafes adapted to the restrictions?

  • switched to takeout only model with a pickup
  • provide delivery
  • provide meals for emergency response workers
  • instate COVID charge of 5% – 10% (once restaurants are open)
  • weighted tips pooling (based on hours worked)
  • selling GiftForward gift cards (by Gift Forward)

At this point, there are no clear guidelines on when and how restaurants can reopen in Ontario.
One thing is for sure, modifications to the current space and operational changes will be needed.

The following COVID-19 recovery resources are available to date and can be downloaded on the website:

  • Navigating COVID-19 – list of federal and provincial programs
  • Recovery Guide for Foodservice operators – comprehensive guide based on provincial guidelines already in effect
  • Restaurant Staff Guidelines sample – by Black Sheep Restaurants

Here are a few resources on where to purchase necessary shields, guards etc. to modifications for reopening:

As we are slowly working through this challenging time, it is important to keep in mind that some of the customers with disabilities may have difficulties with some
of the modification. It will be very important to have room for exceptions based on the customers’ needs.

I hope the information provided is proving helpful to your and your businesses in COVID-19 recovery.
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Eva Greff

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