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Our mission is to reduce the  impact of businesses on environment through
innovative and integrative strategies  in sustainable business practices and energy conservation.


We assist businesses in making  effective changes for long term gain while reducing their environmental impact and increasing their positive social impact – where prosperity and sustainability meet.

Our Clients

  • Increase environmental and social awareness
  • Save money while helping environment
  • Increase profit while valuing employees
  • Attract loyal clientele
  • Harness creativity of employees

Together we build a better future for all

Eva Greff

Eva Greff

CEO and Founder

Eva is a passionate advocate for sustainable living and environmentally conscious business practices . Out of her passion, she has founded NewSpring Energy. She has been helping businesses to make cost effective decisions while reducing their environmental impact. Yes, you can do both.

Eva has extensive training in a sustainability field. She is an accredited ISSP Sustainability Associate, sustainability auditor for LEAF (Leaders in Environmentally Accountable Foodservice) as well as training in energy management and sustainable buildings.

Eva combines her strong interpersonal, business and technical skills to provide clients with long lasting savings, effective changes in business operation and procurement.

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