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Helping local businesses integrate environmental and sustainability goals through consulting, coaching, project management and implementation


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Most organizations start their initiatives successfully, but have a hard time keeping the momentum, expanding initiatives to other locations or other departments and their teams. While we encourage and support these initiatives, we help maximize the efforts by creating consistency, increasing adoption rate within the organization and creating an on-going communication within the organization and its stakeholders.

Sustainability Consulting

Define and incorporate sustainability goals in your current operation.


Achieve certification with our guidance and support.

Project Management & Implementation

Grow your organization with project planning, management and execution.

Coaching, Training & Workshops

Invest in your biggest asset, your employees, with training.

Making an Impact One Business at a Time

Eva Greff, founder of NewSpring Energy is dedicated to empowering businesses to take control of their sustainability initiatives and show you how sustainability measures can benefit the bottom line. With over 15 years’ experience in project management and delivery in a multitude of sectors, Eva decided to use her experience to make a difference in the world, one business at a time.

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